DALAHARE METHOD - Where The Human Senses Meet The Spiritual Soul
The DALAHARE Method is a path clearing process so that your highest potential can be realized.  It is a synchronistic process designed to provide stress release to your entire being.  (The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of all illnesses are directly or indirectly related to stress!)
In the first half hour of your session you are given insightful, intuitive information so that your body can prepare for balance.  In the hour that follows we work synchronistically to align your body with that information so that you can move forward in your life.
By working with all ten systems of the physical body, plus integrating the emotional body, the DALAHARE Method is not only physically therapeutic, it is emotionally experiential and uniquely personal to each individual.
Although the DALAHARE Method is performed through gentle soothing touch, it is not a massage.  Because of its depth it has been described as a "Massage to the Soul."
We believe that when you are in harmony with yourself, all the powers of the Universe will support you and bring you all that you could ever need or want.
Client Responses
"The DALAHARE Method has helped me achieve more than I dreamed possible in my life . . ."
"Old patterns that bothered me no longer do . . . "
"After just one session I felt calm and at peace . . . "
"I am much more able to cope with everyday stresses than I was before . . . "
"After the session I felt like a different person. I was so relaxed, yet alert and focused . . . "
"My whole body felt energized and Spiritually aligned . . . "
"Things are coming together. I am experiencing more ease and acceptance in my life . . . "
"I experienced a profound revolutionary touch, which I felt at the foundation of my body . . . "
"Thank you for saving my life !!! . . . "
"I felt a huge release from constant pain in my hands and since then, the pain has not come back . . . "
In addition to your session, as a part of our DALAHARE Family, you will receive consistent prayers through our meditations for your highest potiential to be realized.
Benefits are cumulative; each session builds onto the next. Results are very individualized and dependent upon what you need in that moment.
With everything we are faced with today, we all have many choices in our life. We are here to help you with those choices, and to help you attune to a new way of living.
We are currently working in both the Sacramento area and Modesto. 
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